Dr. Paul Krawitz develops new resveratrol health formula.
Working with a leading manufacturer of naturally-derived nutritional supplements, I devised our own resveratrol product that I consider to be leaps and bounds above the offerings of others. Taking only one RezivaŽ capsule per day gives you as much resveratrol as 30 glasses of red wine!
Most resveratrol comes from Japanese knotweed. Not Reziva.
RezivaŽ contains resveratrol from concentrated extract of French red wine grapes rather than the common Japanese Knotweed (polygonum cuspidatum). Reziva's active ingredients include not only trans-resveratrol, but also Proanthocyanidins and total polyphenols.
RezivaŽ promotes longevity, cardiac health, and good eyesight.
Resveratrol, is a polyphenolic compound found abundantly in red wine and grapes and is the critical chemical in red wine that promotes longer life, improved cardiac health, promotion of healthy cell replication, weight control, better glucose levels, control of inflammation in arteries and more.