About Us

Reziva.Com provides nutritional information and sales of the unique resveratrol supplement derived from French red grapes rather than the industry standard, Japanese Knotweed. Reziva® is a United States Trademark owned by Vitamin Science, Inc.

red wine grapes

Vitamin Science, Inc. owns and markets high quality nutraceuticals that have been developed by a team of physicians, nutritionists and GMP-certified laboratory experts, with ingredients chosen for scientifically proven effectiveness, safety and tolerability.

Vitamin Science, Inc. individually tests each production batch of every product for purity and potency.

Dr. Krawitz at the Vitamin Science blending machine

Our Mission Statement:

  • To bring to market high quality supplements made using premium ingredients, quality manufacturing practices, independent corroborative testing to assess for purity and potency, easy tolerability.
  • To create near-custom supplements so that patients and doctors can choose specific mixes for mild versus moderate conditions, smokers, patients who take Coumadin, etc.
  • To market these supplements, whether by label, web site, printed material or TV/radio - in the clearest way possible to avoid confusion and to make customers partners in their own ocular health.
  • To be responsive to customer and physician comments and questions, which helps them and us. Vitamin Science will use the expert opinions of its physician founder, certified nutritionists, and leaders in the industry in the development of all its nutritional supplements.
Dr. Paul Krawitz
Paul L. Krawitz, M.D.
President and C.E.O.
Vitamin Science, Inc.